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Will North Dakota Appeal Heartbeat Law Decision?

Posted on November 11, 2015

(This originall appeared in Life News - 5 Pro-life Cases)

  • Case: MKB Management Corp. v. Stenehjem
  • From 8th Circuit Court of Appeals
  • Last Action: July 22, 2015

In a case similar to Arkansas, the 8th Circuit Court struck down North Dakota’s Human Heartbeat Protection Act—a law authored by State Rep. Bette Grande and passed by overwhelming majority. Yet what’s striking to even the bill’s author (as well as outlets like the Washington Post) is what the lower court said in its ruling.

“The full body of this new opinion is very positive for defending life,” said Grande in a recent interview. The court ruling backs her up. ”Good reasons exist for the Supreme Court to reevaluate its jurisprudence,” the judges state. “The viability standard discounts the legislative branch’s recognized interest in protecting unborn children.”

While Grande and the North Dakota Family Alliance have called on the state to petition the Supreme Court, North Dakota has not yet announced its appeal; their deadline to act is October 22.