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Mississippi Abortion Clinic Sues to Thwart State Regulations

Posted on November 11, 2015

(This originall appeared in Life News - 5 Pro-life Cases)

  • Case: Currier v. Jackson Woman’s Health Organization
  • From 5th Circuit Court of Appeals
  • Last Action: May 7, 2015

In another contentious case of an appeals court reversing a state law, a Mississippi abortion center says its providers should be exempt from health and safety requirements all other physicians must meet. The law passed the Mississippi House by 80-37 on March 13, 2012, yet has been held up in court ever since.

Dr. Brent Boles, a practicing OB-GYN who has admitting privileges at a nearby hospital, explains the law from a clinical point of view: “In the vast majority of cases in which patients have experienced complications during or after abortions, the patient gets no help from the center. Women often present to an emergency room and see doctors who have no prior experience in handling the complications of abortion.”/p>

Many speculate that this case, wherein public-interest legal group Alliance Defending Freedom backs Mississippi, will be granted review by the Supreme Court.”